POYKPAC is a comedy group based in Brooklyn, New York. They have been known to perform live and put videos online in a concerted effort to subjugate the human race.

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To date, POYKPAC's video output has amassed over 50 million views online. So there's that.

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Mario: Game Over

Nominated - Best Comedy Video of 2007

in the Youtube Awards


Voice Talkers

2nd Place - Youtube Sketchies II Comedy Contest



"Transcends its sketch-comedy origins and gains a kind of rough epic grandeur."

New York Magazine


"Hipster Olympics... is so hip that it'll probably be passe by the time you read this... Hilarious."

Washington Post


"People this talented make me proud to be an online video creator!"

Michael Buckley, Buck Hollywood/What The Buck Show


"Attention TV execs: Pay these guys cash money to make people laugh. They are good at it. Thanks."

Youtube Reviewed

"The cast of five Brooklyn-ites produce hip, happy, daring, and often manic sketches that are, above all else, smart. Or maybe funny, then smart."



"POYKPAC's astute personality pokes are funny because they're true."

Block Magazine


"The comedy team behind the classic Hipster Olympics and Mario: Game Over."

Gawker, "Things We Actually Like"


"This is surprisingly good."


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